5 legit UX portfolio courses that will help you get hired

5 legit UX portfolio courses that will help you get hired

A designer friend of mine was considering taking a UX portfolio course to make her portfolio more effective. We did some research together and concluded that these 5 courses are legit and worth checking out.

I hope this list can help you choose a course to take and level up your UX portfolio!

Note: This resource list was not sponsored by any of the instructors mentioned and there are no affiliate links. The courses are ranked by the instrcutors’ last names.

1. The Ultimate UX Portfolio Course

Taught by: Oz Chen

Oz Chen

Oz is a UX designer, UX instructor, and product content strategist. He has taught at General Assembly and is the founder of UXBeginner.com.

What you’ll learn

  • Create a UX Portfolio from scratch
  • Learn the content-first approach to building a design portfolio
  • Maintain an easy-to-update UX design portfolio accessible both online and offline
  • Handle NDAs and sensitive information in UX portfolios
  • Choose the right services to host online portfolios
  • How to present your work as a UX Designer, Product Designer or Digital Designer

Price: $199.99 on Udemy

This course has been taken by 4000+ students according to Udemy.

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2. The UX Portfolio Formula

Taught by: Sarah Doody

Sarah Doody

Sarah is a renown UX designer, speaker, writer and product consultant. She’s been a contributing author for publications such as UX Magazine, InVision and UX Mastery. She has a large following on Twitter.

What you’ll learn

  • What are the key sections of a UX portfolio & where to start?
  • How many projects, and what types, should you include?
  • What do recruiters and hiring managers want to see?
  • How to write your career compass statement and why you need one?
  • What is a UX case study and why it’s critical to your portfolio?
  • What should you do about private projects and NDAs from clients?
  • How do you get your portfolio online, what’s the best method?
  • How to go beyond pretty screenshots and tell project stories?

Price: $394

This course has been taken by 420 students according to Sarah’s website.

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3. Digital Product Design: Create a Compelling UX Portfolio | Learn with Figma

Taught by: Thomas Lowry

Thomas is a product designer who works in a broad spectrum of design disciplines ranging from digital web and product design to print, and corporate branding. He is currently a designer advocate at Figma.

What you will learn

  • Picking compelling portfolio projects
  • Crafting detailed, interesting case studies
  • Designing your portfolio to highlight your skills
  • Presenting your portfolio for optimum results

Price: $15/month on Skillshare

This course has been taken by 2000+ students according to Skillshare

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4. Build a Powerful UX Portfolio

Taught by: Joe Natoli

Joe Natoli

Joe is a renown UX consultant, speaker, author and UX instructor. He has 26+ years of UX industry experience. In addition, Joe has more than 120,000 enrolled students from his Udemy courses alone.

What you’ll learn

  • Why (and how) your portfolio is sabotaging your job (or client) search
  • The ONE thing every single portfolio gets WRONG
  • What employers and clients really want from your portfolio
  • The one thing you MUST speak to, visually and verbally
  • Why impressive visuals WON’T get you the job
  • How to position yourself as a strategic asset, not an order-taker
  • The right (and wrong) way to present case studies
  • The only 3 things any recruiter, employer or client cares about
  • Using social media — and making sure it doesn’t hurt you
  • A FREE, downloadable portfolio guidebook to walk you step-by-step through creating a winning portfolio
  • A portfolio template that details the required content recruiters, employers and potential clients need to see.

Price: $87

More than 70,000 students have taken Joe’s various courses and workshops, according to his website.

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5. The RookieUp Career
Bootcamps: Build Your Portfolio

Taught by: RookieUp

RookieUp is a designer and developer mentor network. It also offers bootcamp courses for design and front-end development.

What You’ll Learn

  • Mentorship: You’ll work with your mentor to choose projects based on your career goals. You’ll have 2.5+ hours of video chats with them, while also receiving 8+ rounds of written feedback on your projects.
  • Projects: You’ll get permanent access to 30+ step-by-step project frameworks, built with the help of industry recruiters, that guide you through the process of creating comprehensive portfolio projects customized to you.
  • Curriculum: We’ve curated 100’s of hours of design courses from the best places on the web to help you build your skills in areas like Personal Branding, Job Hunting, UX/UI and Visual Design, and more.
  • Guides and Exercises: Our structured career prep exercises and resources will help you outline your goals, perfect your portfolio, create an action plan, and take huge steps towards landing your dream job.
  • And more!: Access to tons of other resources like portfolio site frameworks, job search resources, exclusive perks from partners like Skillshare and Sketch, an invite to our private Facebook group, and more!

Price: $199

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More UX design challenges for you to practice with

For more design exercises and UX challenges, check out UX Challenge which I created to help you level up your design skills and build your UX portfolio.

Wrapping Up

By taking a portfolio course, you will know how to keep an effective design portfolio that keeps working for you throughout your career. Moreover, if you land a job because of it, it more than pays for itself.

I hope this list can help you make a decision if you’re considering taking a UX portfolio course!

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