UX Design Challenge #12: Planning a multi-city vacation

UX design challenge travel Planning a multi-city vacation

Challenge Topic

Planning a multi-city vacation

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Challenge Description

A multi-city vacation sounds exciting to almost anyone. However, the planning of it can be overwhelming. How can you design a tool that helps travelers plan a multi-destination tour?

Help travelers create an itinerary that connects multiple points of interest. It should consider their desired length of stay in each location. In addition, it should offer low-cost transportation options.

Practice for a Whiteboard UX Design Exercise

To practice for an on-site whiteboard UX design exercise, focus on problem-solving and organizing your thinking process. After that, illustrate your ideas with sketches and wireframes.

Create a UX design case study for your portfolio

To create a comprehensive UX design case study for your portfolio, you can perform user research to validate your hypothesis. In addition, you can show high-fidelity designs and prototypes.

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